Monday, November 12, 2012

Blessing of the Body Treatments In Orange County

My sister took me to get a body treatment in Orange County and it was the most amazing thing. I've never gotten a body treatment  before, and I was definitely missing out. It was so much fun going to the spa and relaxing for the day with her. I got my legs and eye brows waxed and then for the body treatment, I got a body scrub. It sounds kind of awkward, but afterwards and during felt amazing. It was like rejuvenating your skin and just giving you a relaxed and great feeling about yourself afterwards.

I plan to be doing this again. If you are looking for some type of gift to give one of your girlfriends or even mom or grandma, this would be an awesome gift. Anyone can use some time to yourself and feel good and just get away. I think for Christmas I am going to take my mom and two sisters to get one done. The are very busy women and it would be a great time to spend a little quality time together and just relax.

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